A picture of me in the Alps with a rainbow in the background
This is me, near Innsbruck, Austria.

I’ve been a developer since 2012, when I started making Wordpress sites. I currently work in Portland, Oregon on a SaaS web application, writing JavaScript, designing UIs, and doing some backend work in Go. I try to keep up with the ever-changing web development world. Technologies, frameworks, and tools I have experience with include: Angular, Backbone, Node, D3, Rails, SASS/LESS, Gulp, Grunt, Git, and various design programs, with a strong preference for Adobe Illustrator. Right now, I’m focusing on improving my Go programming skills, and I am excited about the growing, friendly community around that language.

Outside of programming, I enjoy exploring Portland, playing computer games with friends, weightlifting, and fostering cats for the Oregon Humane Society.

I sometimes Tweet, and I am available for select freelance work–send me an email if you have a project I could help with.

What About the Site?

I’m glad you asked! This site is statically generated with Hugo, a Golang-based site generator. I wrote the CSS myself (though, I borrowed some excellent practices from Bootstrap.) The fonts are served from Google, the icons are from Font Awesome, and the syntax highlighting uses the Highlight.js. The entire thing is on Github, if you are curious.